Dyslexia in public schools has been a changing landscape in recent years as new laws have come into effect regarding identification, intervention, funding, staffing, and compliance. A new Dyslexia Handbook, published in January of 2022, will bring about more changes to how students with dyslexia are evaluated and served. TEA has already begun auditing district dyslexia procedures through their Dyslexia Monitoring process.

District and campus leaders have taken up the task of reviewing their dyslexia procedures and practices and have come out with more questions than answers. Because we understand there is much confusion over how best to serve students with dyslexia in Texas schools, AIM partners with districts and charter schools to provide dyslexia evaluation, intervention, training, and consultation services.

We work with the guidelines determined by each district to evaluate students for dyslexia, to make recommendations for programming based on the options available in your district, and to explain the results of the testing to parents. For campuses with staffing shortages, we are able to provide dyslexia intervention services either on campus or remotely using our dyslexia intervention curriculum and custom made online materials.

Our team of experts loves to spread the knowledge far and wide about dyslexia. AIM provides comprehensive training to school staff who are struggling with their changing role in working with students with dyslexia. We understand the struggle, the frustration, and the ambiguity. We are here to share our experience, expertise, and knowledge so that you can be sure your staff is well equipped to serve students with dyslexia as well as their families.

AIM’s team of dyslexia experts is ready to partner with your district and help you navigate the constantly changing world of dyslexia. In a field that is experiencing a critical shortage of qualified practitioners and a growing need, we can help provide the staffing, training, and consulting your district needs to help your students become confident readers.

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